“Lisa, a student preparing for her A-levels, is recruited by fellow student Tom, who wants to see if they can use their combined intelligence to frame someone for murder. But is she working with him, or being manipulated into a situation that even she can’t figure her way out of?”


Ever wondered if you’re a psychopath? Maybe you are. Ever wondered if you could get away with murder?

The thought had never occurred to Lisa, a bright 17-year old school student preparing for her A-levels, until fellow student Tom recognises something of himself in her.

He realises that she has a psychopathic personality disorder, much like himself, and decides to recruit her into a very exclusive club. He wants to use his intellect to frame people for murder, but needs an equally intelligent partner to help plan the killings.

Initially appalled by his suggestion, Lisa gradually forges closer ties with Tom, the idea intriguing her. Bored rigid by schoolwork that no longer challenges her, and feeling powerless under her controlling father, will she end up following Tom’s path? And if she does, is she an equal partner in this endeavour, or is she being manipulated for Tom’s own ends?

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